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Welcome to Bumble Bee 2 - Plastic Injection Molding for Standard Airline and Economy Trays

We offer personalized attention to each of our customers and look forward to working with you. We specialize in airline trays and we work with a variety of airlines and airline caterers worldwide to provide our clients with the best deals on plastic food trays in the market.

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We are centrally located to LA International, John Wayne, Burbank, Ontario and Long Beach
We aren't just a tray manufacturer. We also have our own recycling department. We recycle post industrial products and reuse the materials. The material used in making the trays ABS, is entirely recyclable. So rather than sending the used trays to a nearby landfill we recycle for the environment and for the benefit of our customers.  We have a great interest in the recycling of trays after they have served their purpose and will also pick up recyclable unusable trays from local facilities.